Websites for Real Estate Agencies

Do you have a real estate agency? Construction company? Do you get few visits and few hits from the site? NetHome makes websites for real estate agencies that are dynamic and very easy to use, interfacing automatically with Getrix well-known real estate management software.

In just a few days we can build the website for your real estate agency, creating an elegant website customized in graphics and easily manageable by anyone with which you can manage all the properties for sale divided by category, area and price range. We already have some examples for you to see and try, both for single agencies and agencies with multiple branches/locations, please contact us.

Web sites for real estate agencies, property management, link to Getrix

Dedicated solution for all real estate agencies or construction companies that need a greater web presence.

Designed to ensure ease of navigation and information retrieval:

  • Easy to use;
  • Responsive for browsing on any mobile device;
  • Customized graphics;
  • News area;
  • Unlimited property categories;
  • Real estate photo gallery;
  • Word-like text editor;
  • Social network integration;
  • Automatic external news retrieval (rss, with industry sites that provide this service);
  • Newsletter (upon request) with antiblacklist system;
  • Dynamic map (where we are);
  • Automated linking on social networks (optional)
  • The website for real estate agency is a complete system that can be used as property management and real estate agency management;
  • Do you use Getrix to manage your agency? We can provide you with a site that updates itself, with all your properties and their details, simply by entering them into Getrix, you will not have to perform any activity on the site, it will all be automated.

This solution includes:

  • Hosting plan of your choice;
  • Launching the site on engines and directories with reports.