cleaning hacked websites

Our experience in cleaning up hacked websites and managing web and server security is many years.

We ensure you clean up your hacked or blocked website by Google.

Why choose our services after your site has been hacked or blocked by Google?

  • We have decades of experience in the field of Internet security.
  • We have developed special tools to quickly recognize malicious codes and clean up websites.
  • Our professionalism is appreciated and recognized by numerous clients.
  • We do not give work to outsiders to safeguard the client’s privacy as much as possible.
  • Our technicians are always available and ready to help you.

Once you accept our service, we will send you a detailed report and checklist with actions to follow to secure your website.

Call us now at 050 45152 or contact us via form or email to help clean up your site.

What makes our service for cleaning hacked websites different from others?

  • Our main goal is to educate our clients in prevention, not just clean up and restore site functionality.
  • We never delete files. All hacked files are saved for future review.
  • Let’s start cleaning up your site right away, no waiting time.
  • We verify every file on your site.
  • Telephone support.

You can find more information about cleaning hacked and blocked websites directly in the Google directory.