positioning_indexingAnyone searches for information with search engines before making a purchase or carrying out any transaction on the Internet.

In order to reach more customers or disseminate your information as widely as possible, it is necessary for your website to rank in search engines with the most strategic keywords.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Positioning websites in search engines) is not a discipline that can be learned only through courses because in addition to rules to follow, one needs to hone working skills that rely on the ability to intuit and know the secret and patented algorithms of search engines, secrets that every SEO holds tightly.

The best SEOs are those who, more than others, have understood the logic of Google and search engines, and know what to do and what not to do to achieve their goals.

Our attention is utmost at all stages of work:

– Periodic reporting and listing of the site on major search engines (95) and worldwide directories;

– Choice of traffic-generating keywords to achieve defined goals;

– Optimizing the platform with which the website is built so that it is “search engine friendly.”

– Optimization of individual page content to capture users right from search engine results;

– Adoption of appropriate and high-performing proprietary SEO solutions to achieve the best possible visibility in the search results;

– Geolocation and Google Places entry;

– Periodic analysis of results for continuous fine tuning;

– All actions are 100% compatible with the new Google algorithms.

How to get to a website:

  • 70% from search engines and directories
  • 12% link from another site
  • 10% links from emails
  • 5% word of mouth
  • 3% printed guides, TV advertising
  • 2% casually or otherwise..

    Source: CommerceNet/Nielsen Media

Positioning websites in search engines

The research carried out notes the ‘importance that search engines have today in the global market and to understand that the efforts made in other directions only lead you to cover 30 % of the total traffic and only in the case of having been really perfect i you can get 35 % of the global traffic which is already comparable to a higher percentage than links from another site , links from e-mails, word of mouth, guides and TV ads, other.

Some hints for ranking websites in search engines