NetHome was founded in Pisa and provides cutting-edge solutions in terms of services and costs applied to the end customer. We use the best and innovative technologies in the market to ensure top-performing services at all times.

Our services span a variety of areas:

  • Customized websites, responsive for browsing on mobile devices, optimized for search engines and independently updatable by the client
  • Professional and unlimited hostig for all kinds of needs and workloads
  • Search engine positioning service and optimization of even existing and active sites
  • Implementation and management of Adwords campaigns on Google
  • Social Network Management
  • We develop customized software – NetParkingMembergest are two of our software for parking management and association management respectively.
  • Android App, IOS
  • We make video montages from your photo/video material or can make it to your specifications
  • We also carry out computer support service at home
  • We make custom graphics
  • We print everything you every format by 100% customizing the corporate image

Choosing the right partners ensures that we can offer customized solutions for all kinds of needs while significantly lowering costs in favor of increasingly comprehensive services.

Our goals?

  • No thought for the customer;
  • Fast and friendly support;
  • Reduced environmental impact in service delivery by working exclusively with energy-saving sensitive partners;
  • Low cost.