Reporting site to search engines

Parallel to site optimization, in order to rank well, it is necessary to invest in the relationship life of our site. The very synonym for the Internet, namely the web, makes us realize how important it is that our site not be isolated from the rest of the sites published on the Internet but rather, experience the most intense and meaningful relationships.

To this end, having one’s site properly “cited,” through links, on other sites and particularly those related to our business, allows us to make our site “popular” in the eyes of search engines.

Reporting site to search engines and generic and industry resources is an activity aimed at achieving this: the NetHome team has over the years identified several search engines, numerous directories and resources to which to report their clients’ websites.

For best results, the keywords (Keywords) must consist of at least two terms e.g., “ON LINE FINANCING.”

N.B. We would like to warn the kind clientele that after the activation of the TOP 5000 Submission service, notification emails will be sent to the address of reference by the same engines to communicate the actual inclusion of the site in their database, therefore, they are not to be considered spamming.