NetParking Parking Management
Parking Management SoftwareThis car parking management software, developed entirely in our agency, will allow you to manage your parking easily and in a very organized way.

You will also be able to manage the parking lot remotely, control it while on the road, and be able to manage reservations wherever you may be.


Monitored on our servers 24 hours a day, it guarantees unparalleled stability, ensuring your business can operate at its best by zeroing in on waiting times and any blockages due to mismanagement of local PCs.

Your operators, with their restricted access, will immediately have at their disposal the list of incoming and outgoing cars for the day; they can choose a different date to view and print the calendar of car entries and exits.

With our car parking management software you will be able to:

subdivide the type of parking(cars, motorcycles, caravans, trucks, mopeds, etc., covered or uncovered) and the price for each type, the number of spaces, manage discounts, online payments, consult the cash register for each operator, and more.

Contact us for an interview and to get access to a demo area that will let you discover right away the performance and possibilities that this management software will give you.

Our in-house programmers ensure timely intervention and give you the ability to best customize the software to suit your needs and those of your operators.

Our car parking management software has the following features under constant development but you can ask us for any kind of customization:

  • daily dashboard
  • vehicle model
  • Inbound and outbound cars with details
  • license plate
  • entry time
  • now exit
  • payment status
  • quick view
  • Number of places occupied at the moment
  • Seat availability alert
  • Daily cash summary broken down by user
  • Quick quote generation
  • Car model
  • License plate
  • Arrival Date
  • Time of arrival
  • Departure Date
  • Departure Time
  • Company
  • Flight Code
  • Covered / Uncovered
  • Type of washing and ancillary services to the pachage (battery charging, full fuel, etc.).
  • Privacy
  • Already a customer
  • Automatic total calculation
  • Paypal Payment Generation
  • MyParking quote generation for entry from Myparking portal and related reservation code
  • Managing number of parking spaces
  • Daily cash display with history
  • Viewing customers
  • Customer history
  • Adding customer
  • Quick customer search
  • Change reservation
  • Quick quote entry from existing customer
  • Price by type of covered/uncovered parking
  • Hourly price
  • Half-day price
  • Price per day
  • Cost of internal washing
  • External washing cost
  • Full wash cost
  • Unlimited time or one-time services
  • Discount percentages
  • Daily checkout per user/operator
  • Scan barcode to retrieve reservation immediately
  • Turnkey management
  • Digital signature to have the client sign the reservation

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