E-mail marketingLeading industry research tells us that E-mail marketing is one of the most effective promotion tools.
Here are reasons why a company should integrate E-mail marketing within its communication strategies:

  • Low cost/contact: there are no printing and shipping costs
  • Customization of messages based on the type of recipient
  • traceability of results
  • measurability of each euro invested

In doing E-mail marketing there are some critical issues that can affect the success or otherwise of a campaign.

List quality: it is of absolute importance that the list of e-mail addresses to which you want to write is up-to-date, and cleaned of erroneous or inactive e-mails. It is also necessary that the list contain ‘permissioned’ addresses, that is, they are addresses of users who have explicitly consented to receive your communications.

Email message creation: In direct email activities, it is good to know that there are rules about message formats, the number of words to include in the subject line, content, which must capture the reader’s attention and keep it alive until the end of the message, and the timing and frequency of sending. If you don’t know or worse don’t apply these rules you can jeopardize the success of your campaign.

Message delivery: how many e-mails arrive in the inbox? Spam filters are very selective and often block legitimate e-mails i.e., sent to users who have given permission to receive them. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt technical solutions, but not only that, increase the email delivery rate.

There is also the problem of bulk sending through your box, if not done properly the sending box will inexorably end up on a blacklist thus later being among the boxes recognized as spam.

Mailing platform: to do E-mail marketing professionally, it is necessary to use an ad hoc mailing platform.

Privacy: in Italy, the law states that you can only send commercial communications by email to those recipients who have given their consent to receive them (opt-in regime). When sending an email message, it is essential to send the privacy policy and always put the link to unsubscribe from the list prominently. A clear data capture policy and an easy way to unsubscribe are forms of respect for the users you target.

We can follow you through all these delicate stages of E-mail marketing. We can equip you with the tools to send your emails securely with assured delivery, create the advertising message for you, host it on our servers, and track the return account.

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