Car rental management software

Car rental management softwareThis vehicle rental management software, also developed entirely in our agency, will allow you to manage all your rental vehicles easily regardless of their number or type, in a very organized manner.

You will also be able to manage the vehicle rental remotely, control it while you are on the road, and be able to manage bookings wherever you may be.

Monitored on our servers around the clock, it guarantees unparalleled stability and reliability.

Your operators, with their restricted access, will have immediate access to the reservation list and media management

With our rental management software you can:

subdivide the rental type(cars, motorcycles, bicycles,caravans, trucks, mopeds, hardware devices etc…) and the price for each type, you can manage discounts, online payments. You will be able to rent, in addition to vehicles, all kinds of items.


Contact us for an interview and to get access to a demo area that will let you discover right away the performance and possibilities that this management software will give you.

Our in-house programmers ensure timely intervention and give you the ability to best customize the software to suit your needs and those of your operators.

Ourvehicle rental management software has the following features under constant development but you can ask us for any kind of customization:

  • 100% web native code
  • Unlimited features and extras assignable to vehicles
  • Responsive for reading from any device
  • Ability to manage and administer multiple locations
  • Seasonal and regular price management
  • Calculation of gionalero/hourly price or both combined
  • Vehicle lock and extras in date range
  • Online payment management with paypal and manuals
  • Confirmation email with invoice
  • Pickup and drop-off at different locations
  • Weekday and workday management
  • General price table and vehicle list
  • Managing Extra Availability in Calendar
  • Single or multiple vehicle reservation management
  • Cars with multiple configurable options
  • Management of out-of-hours delivery and pickup fee or different location
  • Vat on/off for prices on front-end
  • Different settings for user-side search fields
  • User-side field visibility management
  • Ability to change existing reservation (chosen vehicle, time, place, class, transmission, fuel)
  • 100% ready for high-traffic websites – tested database of car rental customers with 500,000 active visits per day to the site
  • 100% customizable according to business needs
  • Optimized for Google Analytics statistics management
  • Individual discount, deposit and prepaid plans for each vehicle & extras
  • Real-time vehicle availability
  • Unlimited automakers and vehicle functionality
  • Vehicle body type management
  • Fuel type management
  • Vehicle image management
  • Prepaid deposit management based on ti reservation period
  • Individual or global discount percentage management for advance bookings
  • Regular or seasonal pricing management by date for each vehicle
  • Extra management on vehicle (example: gps) with hourly, daily, fixed cost
  • Management of paid / refunded / cancelled reservations
  • Ability to cancel and edit customer reservations
  • Reservation search by date and customer
  • Management of booking comments
  • Print invoice management from reservation list
  • Management of any currency/taxes
  • After successful booking, the prorietor and the client receive an email notification with an invoice included
  • Confirmation and deletion of e-mail messages
  • Message editing management
  • Owner notification for booking cancellation or Paypal refund
  • Managing vehicle units in the garage
  • Management number of vehicle units
  • Blocking vehicles for a specific date or location

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