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Magento is the most comprehensive and flexible open-source software for building E-commerce sites.

Magento is currently the most comprehensive platform for E-commerce creation due to its advanced features of product catalog management, payment and shipping management, and reporting management. With our Magento Hosting, every page of your site will be optimized for search engines ensuring your products get maximum visibility on the web.

It is scalable software that is very well suited to both small, startup ecommerce online stores and larger stores with a catalog of thousands of products and thousands of daily hits. For your store, you will be able to take advantage of all Magento’s features over time: you will never be constrained by your previous choices-your store will evolve as your needs change.

All of our Magento Hosting packages are configured and optimized to ensure you get the most out of CMS compatibility and performance.

The Benefits of Magento

  • Advanced marketing:
    Ability to manage cross-selling, up-selling, discount coupons and more…
  • Catalog:
    Dynamic and advanced management of your product catalog.
  • Reporting:
    Advanced reporting of all your ecommerce site data.
  • SEO optimization:
    Magento optimizes all pages of the site for search engines.
  • Payment and shipping:
    Advanced configuration of payment and shipping methods.
  • Customer service:
    Rich and comprehensive interface that is easy for end customers to use.



Thanks to Magento’s flexibility, you can manage a very large number of options for selling your products. For example:

  • Cross-selling / Up-selling: That is, the ability to recommend to the user products similar to those displayed
  • Discount coupons: Magento offers the ability to send extremely flexible configurable discount coupons. You will be able to manage a very large number of rules that will allow you to offer discount percentages, free shipping, free products etc.
  • Wishlist: Each user will be able to save products they are interested in to a “wish list” saved within their account
  • Dedicated offers: You will be able to manage dedicated offers to particular groups of registered customers


Magento runs a considerable number of reports for analyzing all the data useful for increasing sales of your online store.

  • Dashboard: you will have a simple control panel that provides an overview of the most important data: latest orders, graph of order trends, most frequent search terms, etc.
  • Advanced reports: You will be able to generate an eleveated number of related reports. For example: report on most viewed products, report on most purchased products, use of coupons, taxes, etc.
  • Integration with Google Analtics: Thanks to the integration with Google Analytics, you can manage reports of visits to your site and thoroughly analyze your site’s search engine optimization.

SEO Optimization

Magento is SEO-optimized: it automatically generates your site map and search engine-optimized URLs. For each section or page of the site and for each product you can manage meta-information (title, description and keywords) to further improve ranking.

For more information on Magento’s features and for our Web Marketing plans, visit the Magento SEO page of our website

Payments and shipping

Magento integrates best with all popular online payment systems and allows you to manage different shipping methods.

  • Support of payment methods: Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, PayPal, etc.
  • Free add-on modules to handle payments via PostePay, etc.
  • Configurable shipping: you can configure shipping in several ways: by forfeit, by destination, by order total, by weight. Magento also handles shipping to different addresses for the same order.

Customer Service

Each of your clients will have many features accessible from their own account:

  • Order history: each customer will be able to check the history and evaluate the status of recent orders that have not yet been completed.
  • Ability to edit your own personal information: billing data, management of multiple addresses saved for shipping.
  • Ability to activate the sale even to customers not registered with the site.


Here you can find the official documentation and we can support you in the creation of your next online business, remember, E-commerce is constantly evolving even in Italy, the saying “he who arrives late arrives badly lodges” applies if you plan to open an E-commerce the sooner you realize your desire the better 🙂 .

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