Installation and configuration of networksWe design and implement structured network systems Data respecting and classifying its networks following the strictest and most stringent regulations in the market to guarantee its customers.

Want to control the office PC from the comfort of home? Printing documents and finding them ready in the office? Checking the mail? All this is also possible without using expensive phone subscriptions with fixed ip.

The corporate network is the most important link in the IT system that ensures, with its proper functionality, the entire IT system of the company.

All material is selected with product quality specifications that make the difference for a complete guarantee.
We also carry out technical assistance, configuration and upgrading of pre-existing facilities, with renovations, expansions.

Based on a scrupulous analysis of the customer’s needs, we aim to follow the design and deployment of networks for both the small business/private home then workgroup, and decidedly more developed work environments with domain infrastructure, as well as the installation and securing of wi-fi networks including long range.
Specifically, our Network Installation and Configuration service offers:

  • Presentation and development of the project on paper
  • Selection and Supply of Required Hardware
  • ADSL installation and configuration, Firewall, Antivirus and Antispam
  • Configuration and maintenance of VPN networks (access to corporate data from remote locations)
  • E-mail and web servers for INTRANET and INTERNET networks.
  • File servers for sharing and accessing data by network users
  • RAID systems for security and rapid access to data with associated Back-up systems

A few more hints on installation and configuration networks