google advertisingPromotions on advertising on Google AdWords, the main existing channel on the web that guarantees 99% return in terms of visibility of services by potential customers.

An excellent tool for cost-effective and controlled web advertising promotion. We can handle everything related to this type of promotion, scrupulously analyzing your target customers and preparing the campaign by optimizing it based on targeted search keys to maximize the spread of the advertising message for the product or service being sold/launched/promoted.

This is how you get to a website:

  • 70% from search engines and directories
  • 12% link from another site
  • 10% links from emails
  • 5% word of mouth
  • 3% printed guides, TV advertising
  • 2% casually or otherwise..

    Source: CommerceNet/Nielsen Media

The research carried out notes the ‘importance that search engines have today in the global market and to understand that the efforts made in other directions only lead you to cover 30 % of the total traffic and only in the case of having been really perfect i you can get 35 % of the global traffic which is already comparable to a higher percentage than links from another site , links from e-mails, word of mouth, guides and TV ads, other.

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