PC repair and supportComputer support and consulting for individuals and businesses, pc repair and support, whatever problem your pc has we will find the solution to solve it in the best way. We perform hardware repair and software optimization for any kind of need.

Home virus removal service. With modern times, with PCs always connected to the Internet, filesharing programs working nonstop, we are exposed to threats from software specifically created to do harm to our privacy and our computer.

We can return your computer to you in 24 hours clean and optimized. In fact, all the work we treat is done both to repair the indicated damage and to ensure a consistent result over time.

We upgrade your system, optimize it, clean it, and return it in perfect condition.

We perform service on all kinds of computers and smartphones

Virus removal means:

  • Replicant Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Trojan Horse Removal
  • Dialer removal
  • Removal of invasive advertisements
  • Removal of any installed keyloggers

We make transparency a priority, which we apply in the delivery of all our services to both private and corporate clients.
The service includes FREE antivirus with antispyware and firewall.

PC / smartphone repair and support service

  • Home care;
  • Prepaid hour packages for companies;
  • PC/smartphone repair;
  • Upgrade of harware (processor, memory, ram etc);
  • Installation of new applications;
  • System optimization;
  • Internet connections;
  • Home or office network installations;
  • Operating system installations;
  • Cleaning from viruses, malware, Trojans and anything else that can slow down your pc and make work or recreation almost impossible.

The consulting service offers the experience accumulated over many years of work, so that the best solution can be recommended to the client.

At your disposal is home service; a specialized technician will come to your location by appointment.

All at very competitive prices….

Why pay more when the same and maybe even better service can cost you less?