Websites for Breeding FarmsWeb sites for breeding farms or pet stores are intended to present the business and focus the user’s attention on breeds, products, and possibly help the user make a choice and advise him or her periodically on how to raise an animal, nutrition, and care.

You will be able to independently update the different sections of the site, adding, editing images, articles, news, events, image galleries, etc., easily and quickly.

You will be able to easily update images with new litters for example, have your clients follow the growth of the hatchlings, and possibly connect a web-com to have your kennel areas and guests viewed from the outside.

Websites for Breeding Farms

The website for is created with customized, pleasant and functional graphics in theme with the coordinated image of the farm or store.

  • Custom graphics with insertion of pages, backgrounds and content;
  • Publishing custom image galleries;
  • Management of new litters, services and breeding stock;
  • Management of breeds, pedigrees and expo titles;
  • Photo and video album of each specimen;
  • Guestbook (Guestbook);
  • Social network integration (facebook etc.);
  • News Management;
  • Interactive google maps to reach you;
  • Contact via anti-spam form;
  • Statistics on visitors and pages visited;
  • Shop area (by request).

This solution includes:

  • Hosting plan of your choice;
  • Launching the site on engines and directories with reports.