Websites for Restaurants - Pizzerias - Pubs - Discos

Solution designed for all businesses with contact with the public that need a greater web presence or want to provide an extra service to their customers.

Elegant and fully administrable in an extremely simple way by anyone.

The site can be automatically hooked up to all the social networs to which the business is entrusting its communication so that it becomes a nerve center for real-time updating of the business’ activities and promotions.

By updating the site, all social networks will update AUTOMATICALLY, helping you manage all your communication easily and centrally. significant time savings and greater efficiency and speed in disseminating your information.

Websites for Restaurants – Pizzerias – Pubs – Discos

Designed to ensure ease of navigation and information retrieval:

  • Customized logo;
  • Customized graphics;
  • Any flash elements/banners;
  • Day/fixed menu management section;
  • News area;
  • Events area;
  • Unlimited categories;
  • Word-like text editor;
  • Newsletter with antiblacklist system to inform registered customers of new initiatives;
  • Photo gallery;
  • Videogallery
  • Multilingual support;
  • Dynamic map (where we are);

This solution includes:

  • Hosting plan of your choice;
  • Launching the site on engines and directories with reports.