websites for condominiumsLegislative Decree no. 4041:

Article 71-ter. – “At the request of the shareholders’ meeting, which passes a resolution by the majority referred to in the second paragraph of Article 1136 of the Code, the administrator is obliged to activate a condominium website that allows those entitled to it to consult and extract copies in digital format of the documents provided for in the shareholders’ resolution. The expenses for the activation and management of the website shall be borne by the condominium owners.”
Do you administer one or more apartment buildings?

In just a few days we can make websites for Condominiums and condominium administrators to manage documents and information to condominiums, creating an elegant website customized in graphics and easily manageable by anyone, with which you can manage all properties and their documentation.

Solution dedicated to all condominium managers.

Websites for Condominiums and Condominium Administrators

Designed to ensure ease of navigation and information retrieval:

  • Customized logo;
  • Customized graphics;
  • Document Download Area;
  • Restricted access for each condominium owner;
  • Word-like text editor;

This solution includes:

  • Hosting plan of your choice;
  • Launching the site on engines and directories with reports.

Legislative Decree no. 4041