Websites for doctors

Websites for doctors

We started making Websites for Doctors – Medical Centers – Hospital Companies and simple dynamic sites dealing with the topic of medicine.

We create sites and portals for hospital companies, general practitioners, gynecologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, pharmacies, dermatologists, dentists, eye doctors, homeopaths.

We design and build high-impact professional sites, with eye-catching results resulting from our consultancy that will accompany you throughout the site creation phase.

You can, increase the number of your patients or clients, make your profession known to the outside world, let people know the location of your practice through interactive maps.

In addition, you will be able to insert yourself, the content within your site: insert advice, tips, medical news, as well as your resume and professional experiences.



Hospital Companies

Medical centers

Associated studies



Our solution for Websites for Doctors – Medical Centers – Hospital Companies is composed as follows:

  • Customized logo;
  • Customized graphics;
  • News area;
  • Unlimited categories;
  • Word-like text editor;
  • Automatic external news retrieval (rss, with industry sites that provide this service);
  • Newsletter (upon request) with antiblacklist system;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Dynamic map (where we are);

This solution includes:

  • Hosting plan of your choice;
  • Launching the site on engines and directories with reports.

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