Web showcases - Mini websitesIt is basically a website all about a product, service or event. This is in brief the: Mini website

Thanks to this, advertisers have found a means of expression when approaching the Web: it is possible to create ad hoc space similar to that used by print or television. A kind of communiqué that lives on the Web.

What is the purpose of Building Web Showcases – Mini Websites?

Image, Communication, Brand Awarness, One to One Marketing, Viral Marketing, Online Contests are some of the motivations for Web marketers and Web Marketing companies to offer their clients a Minisite or Microsite.

But also Keyword placement (key words), creation of Landing Pages from eper search engines, specially made mail marketing campaign can lead us to recommend a Minisite.

Basic Features for Web Showcases – Mini Websites

  • A home page, a very good positioning or rather a ‘very good Search Engine Marketing (SEM) action, a few links and clicks to be made for navigation, a few concepts to be explained is an important law of marketing behind it all.

Focusing on a mini-site can be very interesting for a company that sells or produces several products and services. This makes it possible to create a dedicated mini-website for each individual product.

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