content management systemsA content management system, acronym CMS, literally “content management system,” is a software tool installed on a Web server designed to facilitate content management of Web sites by freeing the administrator from technical knowledge of Web programming. However, such CMSs in order to be put to good use need proper cofiguration, a web server that supports them 100 percent, and constant updating of the core and all its component parts, plus each web master’s various proprietary optimizations so that they can be as usable as possible and indexable by search engines. Installing them and using them as they are is never a winning choice….

There are specialized CMSs, i.e., specifically designed for a specific type of content (an online encyclopedia, blog, forum, magazine, etc.) and generic CMSs, which tend to be more flexible to allow different types of content to be published.

Our services for this type of solution are:

Web server domain 100% compatible with all php/mysql based cms types;

Preinstalled CMS (Joomla, wordpress, etc);

Installation and configuration only service;

CMS upgrade or migration;

Search engine optimization;

Realization of custom templates;

User’s Guide.